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motorcycles arrow 1930 - 1950 arrow Böhmerland 600cc OHV sold-
Böhmerland 600cc OHV sold-
Article Nr.: M-157
Böhmerland 600cc OHV sold-
Böhmerland 600cc OHV sold-

Albin Liebisch has created a very  unusual type of motorcycle, the Čechie-Böhmerland. It was his design of a long wheelbase motorcycle, an OHV engine with a large capacity, a built-up leading-link front fork and solid cast wheels that captured Hielleho’s imagination and garnered his support. With the first prototype finished in 1922 it would be three more years before a completed production model could be fully evaluated and happy with the results in 1925 the first Böhmerland factory was opened in Schönlinde. Here began the building of the more than three meter long frame, the process that all took place under one roof with only a few components sourced from elsewhere. The duplex frame is made from tubular steel with vertical and horizontal reinforcing bars. Basic but strong in design, its sheer length had enough space for an uniform dual seat behind the engine, and a third seat above the rear wheel. The rider and the passengers sat astride the machine in bicycle style but were well supported with sprung leather seating and a multitude of hand grips and footrests. Yellow was a common frame colour regarding Böhmerland. Because of the very tall engine, Liebisch had to find a place for the petrol tank, so he came up with unusual, but eye-catching torpedo-shaped petrol tanks on both sides of the rear wheel. The engine was Liebisch’ own design and had a bore and stroke dimensions of 79,95 x 120 mm, giving a capacity of 602 cc. Liebisch fitted various types of carburettors and gearboxes; ignition and lighting were standard, entrusted to Bosch.

This Böhmerland is a very nice restored example, fitted with the rare, own made Liebisch gearbox (which was very similar to Sturmey Archer gearbox, but heavier).
This specimen contains some original pieces, like parts of the engine and crankcases; the original "Michalk" oil pump is present. The gearbox is the original Liebisch made; both wheels are partly genuine. The headstock area of the frame is original, but all other frame parts were replaced or reproduced. There is an original Amal carburettor and Bosch ignition system fitted.
This Böhmerland is in a good running condition, however not used on the road after the restoration.
We offer this machine on behalf of the owner, we would be happy to give as correct information as possible regarding the Böhmerland, so if you are interested, please contact us.
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