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1936 Norton CJ 350cc OHC
Article Nr.: M-233
1936 Norton CJ 350cc OHC
1936 Norton CJ 350cc OHC
€ 22.950

Norton Camshaft Junior 350 cc OHC 1936


Engine number: CJ 3952  T.T.        Frame number: 58620
Year: 1936                                  Cylinder capacity: 350 cc
Documents: Swedish old registration document



The Norton International or Cammy Nortons where built between 1931 and 1957. Before 1931 as the CS 1 (Camshaft Senior one) was the OHC production machine for 1928. The smaller 348 cc version ( 71×85 mm) was known as the CJ (Camshaft Junior).

After the design of the famous and characteristic Engine CS1 by Moore, Arthur Carroll redesigned the camshaft engine as International and reached that the name Norton became a legend for many years. With this design Norton started its incredible run of success in road racing.


This very rare camshaft Norton was delivered from the Birmingham factory on September 14, 1935, and sold to Mr Craven in West Bromwich on September 18, 1935. The Norton came to Sweden in 1954 and has been a collector's bike since the 1980s. It was presumably restored to its original condition in the late 1980s and is still in a very nice shape and in a fine running and rideable condition.

It is difficult to find a matching numbers motorcycle, especially when it is 80 years old. There is an interesting, old TT stamp at the engine number.


This true sports motorcycle is fitted with a 350 cc camshaft engine, four speed Norton 'dolls-head' gearbox, Amal carburettor and Lucas electric lighting set, with a large 8 inch headlamp.

Further equipments include Lucas Altette horn, toolbox, battery carrier and passenger seat.