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New Imperial Model 7...

New Imperial Model 7 1000cc Combination 1925



Engine number: KT/A 37391/K          Frame number: B 9899
Year: 1925                                   Cylinder capacity: 1000 cc
Documents: British V5C registration, RF60 buff logbook


Rudge Multi 500cc ioe...

Year: 1922                       Cylinder capacity: 500 cc

Frame no.: 810651          Engine no.: 25959


AJS M2 De Luxe 1929...

AJS M2 De Luxe 1929 1000cc V-Twin

Year: 1929           Cylinder capacity: 1000 cc

Engine no.: M2/50103



AJS manufactured during the twenties V-twins with 800cc engines. For the model year 1929 the big V-twin was redesigned: the 74×93 bore x stroke dimensions of the 799cc model were changed to 84×90 resulting in almost 200cc extra capacity. The company described the new twin as possessing “an enormous reserve of power coupled...

Helfstynsky okruh 2017

Helfstynsky okruh 2017

1936 Norton CJ 350cc OHC

Norton Camshaft Junior 350 cc OHC 1936


Engine number: CJ 3952  T.T.        Frame number: 58620
Year: 1936                                  Cylinder capacity: 350 cc
Documents: Swedish old registration document



The Norton International or Cammy Nortons where built between 1931 and 1957. Before 1931 as the CS 1 (Camshaft Senior one) was the OHC production machine for 1928. The smaller 348 cc version ( 71×85 mm) was known as...

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