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Rudge Multi 500cc 1920
Article Nr.: M-163
Rudge Multi 500cc 1920
Rudge Multi 500cc 1920

1920 Rudge Multi 500cc

Engine Nr.: 23710
Year: 1920              cc: 500 IOE


In 1912 the belt drive 499 cc Rudge Multigear was released, using variable groove-depth pulleys to gain 21 forward gear ratios. With the introduction of the Multi Gear Rudge was far ahead of the competition.


They won the 1914 TT races with this system and Rudges were subsequently barred from certain speed events. The factory turned this to their advantage by using the “ barred” logo in  a clever company advertising campaign. The Multi Gear system is based on the possibility to vary the diameters of both front and rear pullies like today Audi in some cars or many scooters today in a variator system.


The rider can choose the speed that gives most engine torque and subsequently raise the speed by changing the gear/ratio with the “multi-handle” without actually raising the engine rpm, a remarkable experience when being out on a Multi for the first time, The engine is a 500cc inlet over exhaust type.


This Rudge Multi has been in the same collection for many years and has many awards for its originality over the years in stunning condition.