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1928 BMW R63 750cc OHV
Article Nr.: M-170
1928 BMW R63 750cc OHV
1928 BMW R63 750cc OHV
€ 61.500

BMW R63 750cc OHV c.1928


The BMW R63 was the top of BMWs range in 1928; they had never offered a 750cc OHV motorcycle before. BMW presented two 750cc models, the side valve tourer R62 and the sporting overhead valve R63.


The R62 tourer employed the same long-stroke (78mm) built-up crankshaft as the new 500cc R52, while the sporting R63 featured a short-stroke (68mm) crank coupled with a 83mm bore. These new engines incorporated a strengthened gearbox featuring a ‘side-throw’ kickstart, while the cycle parts were upgraded with a larger front brake. Electric lighting was now standard on all BMW models.


The R63 was with its 24 HP a spirited performer on the road but it was also raced by the works alongside its 500cc stablemates. Like the latter, it pioneered the factory’s use of supercharging. For the standard R 63 a relatively modest 120 km maximum was claimed. But a modified version provided BMW with the means of securing its first motorcycle land speed record; Ernst Henne achieved a maximum of 216,8 km on a ‘blown’ example in 1929.


This BMW R63 was restored in Germany about 15 years ago. The motorcycle consists of original components and according original samples manufactured parts.


This example has been in a private museum for several years. The BMW R63 is in good working condition and has German road registration documents.