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motorcycles arrow 1900 - 1955 arrow Indian 101 Scout 750cc V-twin 1930 -sold-
Indian 101 Scout 750cc V-twin 1930 -sold-
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Indian 101 Scout 750cc V-twin 1930 -sold-
Indian 101 Scout 750cc V-twin 1930 -sold-

The Model Scout was introduced in 1920 by the Indian Factory designed by Charles B. Franklin. The American market was dominated at those time by motorcycles displacing 1,000cc or more therefore the smaller Indian Scout with 600 and later 750cc was very succesful as the motorcycle offered a blend of usable power and agile handling that quickly made them favorites with racers and sport riders of the day.


The new introduced Scout had a sidevalve V-twin engine with a 3 speed transmission bolted on to it. Primary drive is by a set of helical gears that are enclosed in a cast aluminium cover and run in an oil bath. That was the only American v-twin to use this maintenance-free system. The clutch is foot-controlled. The Scout engine initially displaced 606 cc (37 cu in), but the engine size was increased to 745 cc (45 cu in) in 1927 in response to the popularity of the Excelsior Super X. In early 1928, a front brake was added to the Scout.


Police Scout - thats the nickname - with 750cc (45-cubic inch) engine was a new version of Scout motorcycle, introduced in 1927. It was characterized by surprising power and speed. Scout 45 proved to be faster then most Chiefs and Harley-Davidson seventy-fours, popular in this time. It could be bought with lower „Sport” handlebars, later also longer handlebars were available.


Scout model became lower and longer, and this new version was marketed in March 1928 as Series 101. The new Scout had: new 2 3/4 inch longer frame, new tank, bullet headlight, engine moved forward 3 inches, a clutch pedal mounted directly to frame instead of special plate important addition was a front wheel brake, introduced in 1928 to all Indian models. The 101 Scout was noted for its handling and was popular with racers, hillclimbers, and wall of death riders.


The 101 Scout is possibly the best bike Indian ever built.


This Indian 101 750cc Scout we present was in the 80's part of a collection in a vintage motorcycle museum in Hamburg. The current owner purchased this very original Indian at the begin of the 90's from this museum and kept it in his collection till today. This very unique original 750cc Indian Scout is in good technical condition. The owner used the motorylce almost every year on short trips and events. This Indian has all original parts the engine number is absolut correct and original even the cylinders are stamped with the same number. All the small details shows that this very uniqe and rare Indian Scout was never "over"used and it was kept in all the time in a good condition.


This Indian Scout has Bosch magneto Dynamo as original the Scouts which where sold in Germany at those time. It is equipped with the very expensive 130 km Corbin spedometer and drive.